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How did CHINA deal with CORONAVIRUS? – VisualPolitik EN

China is in the eye of the hurricane. Lately, for one reason or another, this country keeps causing big headaches for the rest of the world. If in 2019 it was the trade war and its strained relations with Trump, in 2020 the emergence of Sars-CoV-2, – popularly known by the name of the disease it causes, COVID-19 – takes precedence. At the time of making this video, this virus has infected more than 400,000 people in 167 countries. In fact, for the first time, many countries are closing their borders and bringing down the shutters completely. Without looking any further, in Spain (where the PVK HQ is located) there is a mandatory quarantine after the Government decreed a State of Alarm. This whole story started in China, but how did it really start? What did the Chinese government do after discovering the new coronavirus? Did they take it seriously? What measures did they put in place to curb the spread of coronavirus and the consequent COVID-19 disease? In this video, we will tell you all the details.

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