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Coronavirus: A Wake-Up Call

For media or credit inquiries, contact me here: contact[at]theunboundedspirit[dot]com TRANSCRIPTION How can we keep on hurting nature, yet believe that, in the end, we won’t hurt ourselves? The crisis we’re now going through is a distressing yet much-needed wake-up call. A wake-up call showing us what we’ve done to our planet. The abuse of the animals. The cutting down of the forests. The strip mining of the mountains. The erosion of the soil. The pollution of the air. The melting of the ice caps. The trashing of the oceans. The bleaching of the coral reefs. Now we reap what we’ve sown. Pain. Death. Suffering. The question is: How much suffering are we willing to take before we stop making all life on Earth suffer? How much pain and death do we need to see until we realize that we are part of nature, and not apart from it? Perhaps the virus we’re so afraid of is there to remind us that we behave like a virus to our larger body. Or maybe to remind us of the deeper part of ourselves. Our kindness. Our generosity. Our love. Maybe it’s there to remind us of our humanity. Our humanity that we have long forgotten. By Sofo Archon This text is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Feel free to copy and share. *In memory of all the life and beauty that has been lost due to mindless human activity.*

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