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Coronavirus: A Wake-Up Call

For media or credit inquiries, contact me here: contact[at]theunboundedspirit[dot]com TRANSCRIPTION How can we keep on hurting nature, yet believe that, in the end, we won’t hurt ourselves? The crisis we’re now going through is a distressing yet much-needed wake-up call. A wake-up call showing us what we’ve done to our planet. The abuse of the […]

How did CHINA deal with CORONAVIRUS? – VisualPolitik EN

China is in the eye of the hurricane. Lately, for one reason or another, this country keeps causing big headaches for the rest of the world. If in 2019 it was the trade war and its strained relations with Trump, in 2020 the emergence of Sars-CoV-2, – popularly known by the name of the disease […]

Plastic Wars (2020)

Have efforts to solve the plastic pollution problem made it worse? Go inside the battle over plastics, recycling and what’s at stake. Despite efforts spreading across America to reduce the use of plastic and the crisis of ocean pollution growing, the plastics industry is rapidly scaling up new production and promoting a familiar solution: recycling. […]

I Adopted a Baby Werewolf for a Day

Since 2010, artist Asia Charity Eriksen has made more than 300 “WerePups,” impressively lifelike baby werewolves that she paints, details, and covers with fur by hand. They’ve developed a cult following as she’s sold them to owners—or as they call themselves, parents—who set them up with car seats, baby clothes, and more, treating the pups […]

Desperate Straits: The African refugee crisis hits Europe hard | RT Documentary

It is estimated that by 2019 the flow of #migrants from Africa has reached 36 million people. One third is headed for Europe. Most refugees sail out of Libya on overcrowded inflatable boats, choosing to risk their lives and reach Sicily, rather than closer Tunisia or Malta. (Visited 2 times, 1 visits today)

Dr. Gabor Maté – Ayahuasca Healing at the Temple of the Way of Light

Physician, best-selling author and renowned speaker, Dr. Gabor Maté shares his experience drinking ayahuasca and receiving healing from the Shipibo Onanya at the Temple of the Way of Light in June 2019. After working with ayahuasca over the last decade, this was Gabor’s first time drinking ayahuasca in the Amazon with the Shipibo. He came […]

The Phenomenon: We Are Not Alone (2020) | Official Trailer HD

“The Phenomenon” showing in Theaters Nationwide this Sept! For More Info Visit: “THE PHENOMENON” is the first high-production-value documentary to assemble the pieces of the UFO puzzle into a startling, up-to-the-minute picture, peering into 70 years of history right up to fresh discoveries that challenge everything we think we know. (Visited 2 times, 1 […]

In the Age of AI (full film) | FRONTLINE

A documentary exploring how artificial intelligence is changing life as we know it — from jobs to privacy to a growing rivalry between the U.S. and China. FRONTLINE investigates the promise and perils of AI and automation, tracing a new industrial revolution that will reshape and disrupt our world, and allow the emergence of a […]

Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos (full film) | FRONTLINE

An inside look at how Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos built one of the largest and most influential economic forces in the world — and the cost of Amazon’s convenience. This journalism is made possible by viewers like you. Support your local PBS station here: Love FRONTLINE? Find us on the PBS Video App where […]