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SHOCKING Tribal Food in Kenya!!! Rarely Seen Food of the Maasai People!

Our next stop on our Kenyan Food Tour brought us to the Maasai Homestead. We we watched how the men of the tribe sometimes prepare and roast a whole goat. This usually occurs when the Maasai men spend the night out in the plains after roaming far from home to graze the livestock. Per tradition, […]

I Adopted a Baby Werewolf for a Day

Since 2010, artist Asia Charity Eriksen has made more than 300 “WerePups,” impressively lifelike baby werewolves that she paints, details, and covers with fur by hand. They’ve developed a cult following as she’s sold them to owners—or as they call themselves, parents—who set them up with car seats, baby clothes, and more, treating the pups […]