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INHABITANTS – Kickstarter Trailer

INHABITANTS: An Indigenous Perspective is a feature-length documentary that follows five North American tribes restoring their ancient relationships with the land while adapting to today’s climate crisis. We are fundraising on Kickstarter to support the completion of the film in 2020. Learn more and donate here:

Coronavirus: A Wake-Up Call

For media or credit inquiries, contact me here: contact[at]theunboundedspirit[dot]com TRANSCRIPTION How can we keep on hurting nature, yet believe that, in the end, we won’t hurt ourselves? The crisis we’re now going through is a distressing yet much-needed wake-up call. A wake-up call showing us what we’ve done to our planet. The abuse of the […]

How did CHINA deal with CORONAVIRUS? – VisualPolitik EN

China is in the eye of the hurricane. Lately, for one reason or another, this country keeps causing big headaches for the rest of the world. If in 2019 it was the trade war and its strained relations with Trump, in 2020 the emergence of Sars-CoV-2, – popularly known by the name of the disease […]

Capitalism And The American Pandemic Response

This particular moment in American and world history demands that we all take an honest look at the trajectory of the United States of America. The current system is untenable and the Coronavirus pandemic has laid bare how truly ill-prepared the country is to protect its citizens. When corporations and the ultra-wealthy are the primary […]

The World Just Hit 1 Million Coronavirus Infections: How We Got Here

The new coronavirus has now infected 1 million people across the world, a milestone reached just four months after it first surfaced in the Chinese city of Wuhan. More than 51,000 have died and 208,000 recovered in what has become the biggest global public health crisis of our time. #Coronavirus #Covid19 #OneMillion When the virus […]

The Coronation

People don't care about the expensive clothes you wear, how big is the house you own or the car your drive to say that they don't respect your achievements.